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FrieslandCampina is the best that ever happened to the Netherlands since the liberation during World War 2 by the Allied troops. Royal FrieslandCampina is a multinational dairy company wholly owned by the dairy co-operative Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina, which has 14,391 member dairy farms in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (Campina 2012).

That being said, let’s focus on the main issue, the overwhelming awesomeness of their products, and what makes FrieslandCampina the most creative company to date.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize it. Just a spoon.

Immediately after your taste buds come in contact with either one of Campinas several dairy products your perception of deliciousness is taken to a whole new dimension. No other company brings different flavors and ingredients in such harmony and combination as Campina does. Especially the culinary breakthrough of Vla Flip, a mixture of Vla, Yoghurt, and Syrup, proofs that perfection is just the tip of the iceberg.


While many fellow students decide that apparently Steve Jobs got to be the most creative person the world has ever seen, I would agree that it definitely takes plenty to revolutionize the consumer goods market as he did but would that be enough to be the most creative person yet? It’s of course impossible to point out the ultimate winner but if somebody is able to compose 6 operas, invent the “Gogigyeopbbang” (translated as “double bread with meat”) aka hamburger, manages to score 11 holes in one during his first golf tournament, and moreover revolutionizes the motion picture industry by introducing the multi angle filming, this person definitely deserves a spot far on top on the latter of creativity. We are talking of course about North Korea’s former president Kim Jong Il. Although it is debatable whether some people are more creative than others, in my opinion a really creative person is creative in every aspect of life and in everything they do. Thus, being able to achieve greatness in so many different industries in a lifetime is something that probably almost no one will ever be able to accomplish again.

We’re all trying not to be another brick in the wall, and in order to distinguish ourselves from one another everybody tries to deal with things their own way. Also it takes creativity to do things in a more efficient manner, not only seen from an economic perspective. Life is how it is, and unless you deal with it the proper way it becomes way more complicated than it actually is. It takes creativity to find the loopholes and the little things that can make the difference. How would life be without awesome inventions like electronics, vinyl or cheese stuffed pizza crust, not to mention all the other things you don’t actually need for surviving but wouldn’t be willing to give up on, since they make life so much easier? Creativity is key for all kinds of solutions, inventions, and hazards. It shapes our environment and having more than others lets you make an even greater impact on it.

I’ve never put any thought or research into my name. It’s simply something you get when you are born to distinguish you from one another. However, there are actually people that are sure that a name tells a lot more of a story about oneself instead of just being a name. Sure there are always people that are sure of something but for this task, let’s look into it. As I’m 50/50 Mexican/German I checked both, the Spanish and the German origin. Turns out the Spanish one is a variant of Ferdinand, meaning adventurer and in German it also originated from the name Ferdinand, meaning brave traveler. So not only has my name origins in the Spanish as well as the German culture, but moreover I can also relate quite a bit to both meanings. Adventurer, new, sketchy, undiscovered territories are always my preferred goals and traveler also fits the shoe, that’s my thing. So instead of trying to interpret my name, it pretty much interprets me.. say what.