While many fellow students decide that apparently Steve Jobs got to be the most creative person the world has ever seen, I would agree that it definitely takes plenty to revolutionize the consumer goods market as he did but would that be enough to be the most creative person yet? It’s of course impossible to point out the ultimate winner but if somebody is able to compose 6 operas, invent the “Gogigyeopbbang” (translated as “double bread with meat”) aka hamburger, manages to score 11 holes in one during his first golf tournament, and moreover revolutionizes the motion picture industry by introducing the multi angle filming, this person definitely deserves a spot far on top on the latter of creativity. We are talking of course about North Korea’s former president Kim Jong Il. Although it is debatable whether some people are more creative than others, in my opinion a really creative person is creative in every aspect of life and in everything they do. Thus, being able to achieve greatness in so many different industries in a lifetime is something that probably almost no one will ever be able to accomplish again.