I’ve never put any thought or research into my name. It’s simply something you get when you are born to distinguish you from one another. However, there are actually people that are sure that a name tells a lot more of a story about oneself instead of just being a name. Sure there are always people that are sure of something but for this task, let’s look into it. As I’m 50/50 Mexican/German I checked both, the Spanish and the German origin. Turns out the Spanish one is a variant of Ferdinand, meaning adventurer and in German it also originated from the name Ferdinand, meaning brave traveler. So not only has my name origins in the Spanish as well as the German culture, but moreover I can also relate quite a bit to both meanings. Adventurer, new, sketchy, undiscovered territories are always my preferred goals and traveler also fits the shoe, that’s my thing. So instead of trying to interpret my name, it pretty much interprets me.. say what.