FrieslandCampina is the best that ever happened to the Netherlands since the liberation during World War 2 by the Allied troops. Royal FrieslandCampina is a multinational dairy company wholly owned by the dairy co-operative Zuivelcoöperatie FrieslandCampina, which has 14,391 member dairy farms in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (Campina 2012).

That being said, let’s focus on the main issue, the overwhelming awesomeness of their products, and what makes FrieslandCampina the most creative company to date.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize it. Just a spoon.

Immediately after your taste buds come in contact with either one of Campinas several dairy products your perception of deliciousness is taken to a whole new dimension. No other company brings different flavors and ingredients in such harmony and combination as Campina does. Especially the culinary breakthrough of Vla Flip, a mixture of Vla, Yoghurt, and Syrup, proofs that perfection is just the tip of the iceberg.