It is hard to think about the most important innovation as there are too many things that had a great impact on my life, but having to pick one I would have to say it was the invention of music. Music is a gate to another perception of life and makes you forget anything or remember everything. It’s an infinite abyss of melodies with one always fitting your mood, enhancing any situation you might encounter. The first thing I did before writing this assignment was to turn on some music in order to concentrate and eventually get into the mood to actually do it. But there is more to it than just personal satisfaction. Music brings people together. Be it in concerts/festivals by making thousands of people share the moment or a song that is played in the radio while being listened by half the country. It can move the masses, for better or for worse, cause anger and hate or bring peace and love. It can annoy parents when their kids are listening to the “wrong” type and make them proud when their kids learn how to play it themselves. It defines generations, assembles groups, and makes unique at the same time.  There are endless possibilities on how music influences everyday’s life, but it is certain that without it everything would be just black and white.